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Civilization and its importance

This article is about human society. A civilization is a society or culture group normally defined as a complex society characterized by the practice of agriculture and settlement in towns and cities. Compared with other cultures, members of a civilization are commonly organized into a diverse division of labor and an intricate social hierarchy. Definition

Muscle Arthritis – Symptoms and Treatment Explained

Myositis is the medical term for inflammation of muscle tissue and one type of muscle arthritis is dermatomyositis. (Without the rash, the condition is called polymyositis.) In this form, there is soreness and inflammation and pain in the muscles but there is also an accompanying dry rash affecting the skin. This rash is commonly seen

Deferred Rent – Debits and Credits

Deferred Rent What is it? The simplest way to understand deferred rent is to think of an example. Let’s say you started a business and the first thing you did was sign a five-year lease for office space. In an effort to sign you as a tenant, the landlord (aka “lessor”) offers you lower rent