Daily Archive: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

F-35 Dominates the Air at This Year’s Red Flag War Games

From Popular Mechanics Exercise Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada is considered one of the most realistic and challenging aviation warfare exercises, and pilots from this year’s event say the Air Force’s F-35A exceeded expectations by dominating the air space and improving the lethality of other legacy aircraft. It’s stellar performance is

iOS 8 Upgrade Problems and Tips & Troubleshooting for iOS 8 Update

Apple has recently been entrapped by iOS 8 screwup up to the hub, from U2-iTunes invasion to the HealthKit Bug, leading to a swath of complaints from users including iPhone 6/6 Plus users on media and SNS. If you happen to be the one running into iOS 8 upgrade problems, this article will be helpful

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Pipsqueak Bercow is an embarrassment

John Bercow, pictured with wife Sally, went too far by insulting President Donald Trump This time, he has gone too far. Out of respect for his office, this column has long observed restraint in its criticism of the Commons Speaker.  But by insulting the newly elected President of the United States, John Bercow has made