Daily Archive: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Georgia Toffolo live-tweets London terror in lock-down

Made In Chelsea reality star Georgia Toffolo tweeted from the scene of a Westminster terror attack on Wednesday after being locked in the House Of Lords. Panic-stricken and ‘very, very scared’, the British TV personality, 22, shared updates on Twitter over eight hours while security dealt with an incident where three people were killed and

A Conservative View on Brainwashing in Public Schools

Can you imagine a video of grade school children singing Obama’s campaign slogans during the last presidential campaign? Even after the election, we see more evidences where teachers in public schools are brainwashing our youth with liberal messages. We have seen many examples that this brainwashing is happening, from young children being embarrassed in front

Sound Transit considering ‘options’ after car tab outcry

by: Graham Johnson Updated: Mar 23, 2017 – 4:36 PM The outcry over higher car tab taxes to pay for light rail on Thursday led Sound Transit’s board to consider other options for collecting that revenue, but even the board chair acknowledged he wasn’t sure what those options might be. Some car owners are upset