Daily Archive: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It’s artery-hardening work, but NYIT is up to the task

Researchers at the New York Institute of Technology are closing in on a new way of measuring atherosclerosis – a hardening of the arteries that serves as an early warning of deadly heart diseases. In concert with an individual’s metabolic profile and traditional risk factors such as race, age and gender, atherosclerosis has long been

Great Choices Of Picking Bridal Guest Books

You are thinking to getting married soon then an advice for you is to make bridal guest books. These books are so important to the wedding couples because it will useful to keep your wedding memories for a long time. With the bridal guest books, is going to be a very good memory for you

Neutral Self Assessment For Lasting Happiness

Life has got various definitions. Some think living is life while the other think giving is life. There are people out there who lead a joyful life out there when some people feel like the world is just too heavy for them. Happiness or Sorrow – it is not meant for a single person, it