Daily Archive: Thursday, April 20, 2017

BEL MOONEY: He’s left me at 70 – how can I survive? 

Dear Bel, My 70th birthday was a memorable one — because my dutiful, loving, officer-and-gentleman husband told me, with no forewarning at all, that he was divorcing me. Since his retirement from the military in 2005, I have apparently made him so unhappy with my unreasonable behaviour that he had no choice but to divorce

The Heart Of Personal Development

What is the heart of personal development? Have you started hearing about personal development, and it sounds interesting? Has it aroused your curiosity? Is personal development showing you more possibilities? The heart of personal development is growth. There is a fundamental law in the universe that says either something is growing or if it is

Fear, anger is real | Lexington Herald Leader

Teri Carter of Lawrenceburg expressed her dismay with President Donald Trump in a recent commentary. I cannot argue any point with her but one: She left the impression that Americans have no reason to fear other countries. I lived in New York when 9/11 happened. As soon as the first tower was hit, I stayed