Daily Archive: Saturday, April 22, 2017

White balance and photo retouching

The first thing you might like to address, when you begin to retouch your photos, is white balance. White balance refers to the color of the light and implies that the best light color is white. Some photos, like sunset or candlelight, do not have white light, but usually an impression of white light is

Day Trading Software Makes Trading a Snap

Day trading is when financial instruments are purchased and the deals completely closed by the end of the trading day. The different types of instruments that are available for purchase include currencies, stocks, options, and futures contracts. Many day traders use the method of scalping, that involves holding a position with a financial instrument for

There’s Music In Springtime Fiddlehead Greens

It’s spring in the moist woodlands of North America when fiddlehead ferns begin to unleash their soft green tongues like a frog set to strike at an insect.  These greens are one of the most tender and juicy wild harvest foods, available worldwide.  Fiddleheads in North America commonly are associated with the wet east coast