Daily Archive: Monday, May 1, 2017

Tokyo jeweler offers gold Darth Vader masks for $1.4 million

TOKYO (AP) — “Star Wars” fans with deep pockets might consider it a golden opportunity. A Tokyo jewelry store is offering life-size Darth Vader masks made of 24-karat gold at a hefty price of 154 million yen ($1.4 million) to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the first “Star Wars” movie. The creation

Merry Places to Spend Your Day

For many people, the weekend can be the only time they have to follow their pursuits. Most people would usually have full time employment during the week. Office hours tend to increase with each passing day. Hence, you might not be able to get some time for recharging yourself each day. Weekends too, could share

Macaulay-Brown helps Air Force trim, compress data files

MacAulay-Brown says that its Advanced Technology Group (ATG) has developed software that will manipulate hyperspectral image files that still exhibit excellent image quality at half the size, while also making use of industry standard data types. If the AFLCMC evaluation is successful, users on future projects could cut the data rate for transferring hyperspectral images