Daily Archive: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Who are we? A nation of refugees, too

Regarding Jerry Large’s column “Are we a nation of immigrants?,” I agree that “people need to have their stories told and their existence acknowledged.” So let’s start by recognizing that we are a nation of immigrants and refugees.Despite their public representations as a threat to national security, refugees are resilient individuals temporarily without financial resources

Updated Art Deco Landmarks, Minus the Art Deco

A team of architects tried to understand the appeal of New York City’s most-loved buildings by recreating them for the 21st century. Given that it was once deeply out of fashion and didn’t even receive its name until the late 1960s, the Art Deco style of architecture has proved surprisingly durable. Known for its streamlined

Canada’s churches ‘face closure’ as tax bills suddenly shoot up

1/56 16 May 2017 France’s newly appointed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe walks out his home in Paris, before going to the Hotel Matignon Getty Images 2/56 15 May 2017 An investigator works near wreckage at the site where a Learjet 35 crashed in Carlstadt, New Jersey Reuters 3/56 15 May 2017 Ahmad Khan Rahimi, an