Choosing the perfect cabinet designs for your home decor

Cabinet furniture can add character to any room and also offer extra intelligent storage space that is a must in smaller homes. Rather than having a lot of bulky in-built furniture, it can be wiser to choose individual pieces of cabinet designs that serve specific functions and create the illusion of an open space. However, for every room that you decorate, make sure that finish and style of all cabinet furniture is kept the same for a more balanced look.

You can find many options in traditional cabinet designs for a classical room decor. From solid bedside tables, chest of drawers, solid wood shoe cabinets to even a wall hung TV cabinet that incorporates a wall mounted TV and gives additional space for decorative pieces and books, your choices are many. Similarly, you will find equally beautiful designs in contemporary cabinet furniture from tall units for living room for crockery display with added lights to long sideboard with sliding drawers to even smaller cabinets that work as your bar or can be used as file cabinet and rack cabinets.

Sometimes, cabinet furniture can be used to create space dividers as well. In a long living room where you want to visually divide the living and dining space, customized rack cabinets of any length, height and width can do the job beautifully. You can use these to display books and decorative pieces and can even use a colour palette to decorate the rack cabinet. It creates a visual continuity in the way interior walls cannot, while it also successfully distinguishes between the two different areas. For a smaller room, a ceiling height slim cabinet with no more than 3 rows of square shelves can do the job, while in bigger rooms a longer cabinet with asymmetrical square compartments with the height kept as much as your door will serve the function beautifully.

The colour and finish of the cabinet furniture you choose has a deep visual impact. You can choose your cabinet designs to contrast with the wall finishes and other decor elements; for example an all black decor can benefit from white cabinets and vice versa for a dramatic look; or you can choose to keep the cabinet furniture in the same finishes as the rest of your woodwork for a more balanced look. Remember that knob and handle designs will impact the style quotient of the cabinet designs you choose. A wood cabinet with motifs and cravings and a wrought iron pull handle will look great in a traditional home, just like a cabinet with contemporary straight lines with a sleek stainless steel handle will look great with modern decor.

You must decide whether you want the cabinet furniture to have multifunctional use with storage for various things or a simple elegant design that serves a single purpose. For example, you can find TV cabinet designs that incorporate TV, CDs, books, crockery and decorative and can be customised to any shape and dimensions. On the other hand, you can have a sideboard that has been designed to store your good crockery and silver cutlery for entertaining guests and you might use the counter space for a smaller television as well. So let the function decide the cabinet designs for a functional, practical piece of furniture you will cherish forever.

It is important to choose any wood cabinet design with extreme care. This is because the cabinet is not only meant to add more visually pleasing finishes to the room, but it must be the right size to not hinder any circulation space. Make sure that any TV cabinet you choose is bought keeping in mind the space available in the room and also the proportions of the room.

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