DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Stand together so terrorism can’t win

Another week, another grotesque terror attack on peaceful civilians going about their everyday business.

While other recent outrages in London and Manchester were carried out by Islamist fanatics, this time it was a middle-aged, white racist who drove his hired van into a crowd of worshippers outside a mosque in Finsbury Park.

But though the perpetrator of this ghastly crime may have different coloured skin from the others, their motivation was the same – to sow hate and division in our tolerant society.

With depressing predictability, extremist groups immediately began trying to exploit the attack for their own malign political purposes. Tommy Robinson, former head of the far-Right English Defence League, described it as ‘a revenge attack’ and accused the mosque of having ‘created radical jihadists’.

A vigil outside Finsury Park Mosque: If we allow…

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