Door Hardware Guide: Essential Door Hardware Considerations

Redesigning or remodeling a home is as challenging as exciting and requires lots of creativity, innovation, and considerations. From adding vibrant accessories to replacing old hardware, there different gestures involved in home decoration or remodeling. While there are endless possibilities and options when it comes to using attractive door and home hardware, things can go wrong if we select inappropriate and incompetent hardware. To make sure you get it right be it installing new hardware or maintaining existing door accessories, there a few considerations that every homeowner should know.


A home doesn’t only require to look beautiful but requires to be safe enough to live there and leave the children or elderly alone when required. Talking of home safety, locksets are probably the most essential part of a door or entryway. How your locks look and how attractive and unique they are could be a consideration for you but how durable and safe they are is what’s more important. Make sure you go for completely reliable lock systems. Even high-end, super stylish lock purchased from a renowned door handles manufacturer or hardware supplier is of no value if it isn’t reliable and robust. So, rather than choosing fine-looking high-tech models, like card swipes or keypads, go for highly efficient single or double cylinder dead bolt locks as according to your home needs.

Pair Well

Always keep in mind the theme of your home when selecting home hardware and door accessories. Though functionality and durability are your utmost consideration, you would also want your entryway to look good. To ensure a balanced and beautiful home design, it is necessary to match your door hardware throughout your home. In addition, the trendiest way to give your home an elegant and balanced design is go traditional. Brass door hardware, vintage cabinet knobs and pulls, and antique door accessories are something that never goes out of style. Antique hardware can give your home timeless beauty and elegance.


Latches and hinges are not the only attachments your doors need. Investing on some sturdy yet attractive door stoppers, door knockers, address plates, and push plates can spruce up your entryway while providing added protection to your doors. You can incorporate door-lever rather than handles if you have elderly people at home. Make sure the hardware or accessories you pick for your home suit the needs of all your family members.


Redesigning a home is much more than buying antique door hardware and fine-looking accessories. You need to keep all your door hardware, cabinet hardware, and home accents maintained to ensure their proper function. As soon as you find any of your door hardware not functioning properly or malfunctioned, call a certified carpenter or the concerned manufacturer and get it fixed. Do make sure all your doors open and close smoothly. Frequent dusting and occasional washing can be carried out on some hardware to maintain them. Remember, improper cleaning or washing may damage hardware’s finishes and so whenever you do it, be careful.

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