Jared Kushner talks at tech event for Silicon Valley CEOs

Media-shy Jared Kushner opened his mouth and spoke before cameras as he greeted tech CEOs to the White House Monday.  

‘Today we’ve assembled a very impressive group of leaders from the private sector and are putting them to work here today to work on some of the country’s biggest challenges that will make a very meaningful difference to a lot of its citizens,’ Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and a top White House adviser told the crowd, reading his remarks.

While Kushner is known for having outsized influence in the Trump White House, tasked with everything from modernizing ‘gov tech’ – which he talked about today – to tackling peace in the Middle East, he’s known as a man of few public statements. 

So much, in fact, that when comedian Jimmy Fallon played Kushner on an episode of Saturday Night Live, the Tonight Show host portrayed Trump’s son-in-law as mute.   

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