Manchester attack survivor to swap her Little Mix tickets

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My six year old daughter was one of if not the youngest at the Ariana Grande concert, she got the tickets from Santa for christmas and was so excited, it was her first concert. 

We were near to the exit doors of the arena closest to where the bomb went off when it did. My husband shoved my daughters head into his chest while she shook with fear, as we sprinted for the opposite exit and ran for the front doors, where I would guess near a 1,000 people were pushing to get out. 

Luckily my husband is very tall but he nearly had to hold her above his head to stop her from getting crushed before we managed to get through and sprint for the car. She was petrified and wouldn’t stop saying the bang scared her. She has asked so many questions I have no idea how to answer in terms that a 6 year old will understand. I doubt my daughter will…

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