meet the engineer who built the Crystal Maze 

Within a dark and hulking warehouse stood an Aztec Temple, silent except for the sound of lapping water. Beyond lay a medieval labyrinth, fortified with challenges to test the unwary. Most terrifying of all, arguably, was an undersea realm, obviously fake but dominated by the whiff of real rotting seaweed. 

Such were the sights, sounds – and smells – awaiting visitors to the original Crystal Maze, the Nineties television phenomenon returning to Channel 4 this weekend.

One of the most cultishly beloved shows of the decade, the Crystal Maze went to extremes to create an immersive experience for contestant and viewer alike. Competing teams would enter by paddling fibre-glass canoes down a special designed flume that led into the Aztec Zone – an Indiana Jones-esque labyrinth full of teasing puzzles with names such as “Walk The Beam” and “Exclude The Symbol”.  

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