Q&A: Linda Burney challenges worth of ‘Australian values’ citizenship test | Australia news

Legislation introduced to toughen Australia’s citizenship regime may be unfair, the Labor MP Linda Burney told the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night as the opposition prepares to debate whether to support the proposed changes.

Under the bill introduced last week, migrants seeking citizenship will need to demonstrate a high level of English proficiency and take an “Australian values” test.

Burney said the Labor party had not come to a conclusion about how it would vote on the legislation, which would be discussed in a caucus meeting.

“But I don’t want to lose the fact that whatever the changes are, they have to be fair and they have to be done in the national interest,” she said.

She asked whether toughening the English test to require level six proficiency – equivalent to university entry level – was “really fair for people who are escaping terrible…

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