Rollerblader snakes through cones | Daily Mail Online

  • A rollerblader winded her way through 20 blue cones on her blade’s left tiptoe
  • She appeared to maintain perfect balance using her long wingspan and left leg
  • But when she put up a victory peace sign on both hands, she fell over
  • She did a 270° and landed on her bottom but laughed through the gaffe

Forrest Hanson For

An expert rollerblader weaved through a line containing a whooping 20 cones while balancing on one front toe wheel.

Spaced out much like cones are in driving tests, the woman gracefully glides through each blue cone.

She appeared to maintain a perfect balance using her long wingspan and left leg, which she managed to keep up in the air, despite being under her right knee, the entire time.

An expert rollerblader weaved…

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